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A trained actor, in 1999 Noa decided to channel the skills from his successful television, film and stage career into the coaching arena. Since then he has been in demand from clients in the UK, USA and Asia, teaching them to harness their natural strengths to achieve authentic interaction, whether in the context of presentations, media appearances, or simply one-to-one.

Noa works with clients across a wide range of business sectors: CEOs preparing for the annual AGM, accountants pitching in beauty parades, TV presenters fronting major series and authors embarking on promotional tours are just some of those who have benefited from his expertise. He prepares executives to handle tough Q&A sessions with investors, shareholders and reporters, and provides clients with techniques which provide the winning edge in bids for new business. Noa regularly advises lawyers, bankers and business leaders in organisations ranging from multinationals to niche firms, tailoring his approach to their specific circumstances.

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