We're in the Business of Impact

We show you how to draw on your own personality to connect profoundly and persuasively with clients and colleagues.

The hallmark of people with great personal presence is that they are themselves. We help you find your most effective natural style, and rediscover your innate ability to be a relaxed, persuasive communicator.


“We used to have a real
problem with impact,
we clearly don't any more.”


“I have been in this business
for 23 years, but the training
re-enforces my belief we
still can learn things.”


“We genuinely felt well
prepared, passionate and
ready to win; but crucially
not over coached or


“The client said our pitch was
outstanding and used terms like
‘enthusiastic, committed,
hunger, appetite’”

How We Work

We create an informal, professional environment, at your offices or ours, where you can try things out, take a few risks, and make a few discoveries about natural abilities you’d forgotten you had.

Working with individuals or with small groups, we start by looking at what you want to get out of the coaching. That business relevance becomes the ‘north star’ of our work, and we return to it continually, pinning down exactly how you will use the training in daily life.

We use techniques from drama, literature, neuroscience and business to give you a toolkit to enhance personal presence. On the spot feedback throughout the coaching lets you gauge how you’re doing.

Our Team

Noa Maxwell

A trained actor, in 1999 Noa decided to channel the skills from his successful television, film and stage career into the coaching arena. Since then he has been in demand from clients in the UK, USA and Asia, teaching them to harness their natural strengths to achieve authentic interaction, whether in the context of presentations, media appearances, or simply one-to-one.

Noa works with clients across a wide range of business sectors: CEOs preparing for the annual AGM, accountants pitching in beauty parades, TV presenters fronting major series and authors embarking on promotional tours are just some of those who have benefited from his expertise. He prepares executives to handle tough Q&A sessions with investors, shareholders and reporters, and provides clients with techniques which provide the winning edge in bids for new business. Noa regularly advises lawyers, bankers and business leaders in organisations ranging from multinationals to niche firms, tailoring his approach to their specific circumstances.

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Jo Dow

Jo advises his clients on presentation, personal impact and authenticity. He counts himself as a disciple of the great Shakespearean voice guru, Patsy Rodenburgh OBE.

After 25 years as a performer and 1000s of hours in soaps and TV drama, Jo has branched out on both sides of the Irish Sea as a prolific voice-over artist and presentation expert. He has been the voice of leading brands in both London and Dublin including the Times, Waitrose, Guinness, and Classic fm.

He has been involved in Leadership development for major organisations working one-one and in teams with international clients in the charity sector, journalism consulting and banking.

‘Authenticity is both a holy grail and an illusion in modern business – I like to unlock the untapped potential in us all.’

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Daisy Brodskis

Daisy Brodskis is a Body Movement practitioner. Using Pilates as the foundation of her work along with her experience as a professional Ballet dancer and extensive research in Anatomy and the human body, Daisy works with clients to find freedom and ease of movement.

Her work is set apart by her creativity and great eye for seeing the subtle but key imbalances in the body, and finding a way to overcome them.

Daisy works with leading physiotherapists and surgeons to rehabilitate patients as well as a broad range of clients from dancers and athletes wanting to improve performance to individuals wishing to get rid of the discomfort caused by every day life.

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Max Davis

Max Davis is a talented comedy writer and performer who has worked extensively in radio, TV and on stage. His writing credits include Mock The Week (BBC2) Dead Ringers, The News Quiz, The Now Show, Newsjack (BBC Radio 4) and Listomania (BBC Radio 2). He has taught comedy technique for a wide range of organisations and is a regular panel member on BBC Comedy Workshops.

A gifted stand up comedian, he performs regularly on the circuit and at the Edinburgh Festival. As an actor he has appeared on the West End stage and on television.

Deborah Clarke

Deborah has been coaching for the last 14 years with a background in theatre and arts development. Having worked as an actor, theatre director and artistic director; she trained as a coach in 2002. Drawing upon her background in the arts, Deborah's creative and innovative approach has enabled her to provide dynamic, effective and powerful training events and coaching programmes for a variety of different client groups.

With her artistic background she brings a light, bright yet challenging approach. Her sharp intellect and sense of fun and adventure encourages people to experiment with significant changes in behaviour. She combines traditional coaching skills with innovative analogies derived from the arts world to enable visible behaviour changes.

Deborah is a graduate of CoachU and is a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation).

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